Grassroots Advocacy and Public Outreach

Grassroots Advocacy and Public Outreach
On-Demand Webinar
Presenters: CSDA and Washington Media Group

*Part of the SDLF Essential Leadership Skills Certificate Program

Take Action: Legislative Relations 101
Since the California State Legislature writes the laws that govern special districts, engaging with your legislators and other stakeholders in the Capitol is a necessary part of leading your district. Legislators always find time to listen to the voters they represent locally. Just as you serve your community, your legislators were also elected to serve. By providing information, cultivating relationships, and becoming a valuable resource, you can ensure your district’s perspective is understood at the state level.
Take Action: Grassroots Advocacy 101
It's been said that "when Legislators feel the heat, they see the light." Grassroots advocacy - mobilizing a legislator's constituents to speak out on a particular issue - can be one of the most effective tools for persuading your representatives. Hearing from the voters gives legislators the political cover - and the political motivation - they may need to support your position. By taking the time to identify, recruit, educate and mobilize a handful of voters in a legislative district, you can level up your persuasive power.
Take Action: Media Relations 101
The media can be an invaluable tool in reaching your audiences and broadening the reach of your messages, but success with the media doesn't come easy. Reporters face deadlines every day, if not every hour. They must produce multiple stories at once. They need to produce news that’s informative, interesting, and entertaining, because at the end of the day that's what sells. By knowing how reporters work, what kind of information they need, how to answer questions, and how to make your story rise above the noise, you can become a powerful voice on your issues, and a trusted source for future stories.

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