CSDA Education/Events

CSDA offers a full range of training programs and education seminars especially designed for special district personnel from secretary to board member. Subjects include board policy, community relations, finance, management, legal issues, and other important topics. The association is committed to keeping the cost for these high quality seminars low in order to ensure attendance by all districts - big and small.

Upcoming Events

10/22/20172017 Board Secretary/Clerk Conference & Certificate ProgramGarden GroveSCONF2017
11/1/2017Understanding the Brown ActOaklandUBRA110117
11/7/2017The ABC's of the CPRAVallejoCPRA110717
11/8/2017Understanding the Brown ActStocktonUBRA110817
11/8/2017Webinar: Required Ethics AB1234 Compliance Training WEBI110817

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