Advanced Training in the California Public Records Act
Advanced Training in the California Public Records Act
On-Demand Webinar
If you are involved with a special district, you need to understand the scope and application of the California Public Records Act (CPRA) to your agency’s records, including best practices for records retention as well as responding to public records requests. This training is primarily intended for public agency personnel who have some knowledge of and experience with the CPRA, and who are seeking to expand their understanding of the law. However, all public employees at all levels will benefit from this valuable training. We will cover the key aspects of the CPRA, including when an applicable exemption may give an agency the right to not disclose a particular record or portion of a record. The presenters will use case studies to take you through the entire process from the initial records request to retrieval of documents (particularly electronic records) to response options. There will also be updates on recent developments in the interpretation and application of the CPRA. This webinar will keep you and your agency headed in the right direction in order to avoid costly mistakes and potential litigation. Register now to stay current and to stay in compliance.
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