How Debt Intercept Enhances Collectibles
How Debt Intercept Enhances Collectibles
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The California State Association of Counties has joined with the National Association of Counties to develop CalTRECS- the California Tax Refund Exchange and Compliance System to help counties and other municipalities collect outstanding debts in a timely, cost-effective manner through streamlining of the Franchise Tax Board Interagency Intercept Program. Any county, city, or special district can submit their delinquencies of $10 or more for offset against pending state personal income tax refunds, unclaimed property tax payments, and lottery winnings. Tax refund intercept programs have been extremely beneficial to local government agencies across the United States to recover revenue and increase collections. The CalTRECS clearinghouse provides SSN lookup and validation function, an automated voice response system for debtor queries, a helpline for technical assistance to the agencies, and modification of the FTB reconciliation files for ease of use.


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