Discontinuing Water Service During COVID-19
Discontinuing Water Service During COVID-19
On-Demand Webinar
This webinar will review Governor Newsom’s Executive Order N-42-20 which prohibits public water systems from discontinuing water service, and may require the restoration of service, for qualifying customers. It will also review recent guidance issued by the State Water Resources Control Board to implement the Governor’s Order.

Update 6/14/21: On June 11th, Governor Newsom issued Executive Order N-08-21 to repeal and/or revise many of his executive orders relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. One such executive order, N-42-20, which was first adopted in April 2020, suspended the authority of public water systems to discontinue water service to residential customers and certain small businesses based on nonpayment of a bill. According to the Governor’s recent order, Executive Order N-42-20 will expire and have no further force or effect after September 30, 2021. Public water systems may thereafter discontinue water service for nonpayment of a bill, provided they follow the requirements of their discontinuation of service policies and applicable laws and regulations, including the Water Shutoff Protection Act (SB 998)
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