Dude, My Boss is a Millennial
Dude, My Boss is a Millennial
On-Demand Webinar
The term “Millennial” may bring a couple other phrases to mind: “Is this gluten-free?” and “What’s your WiFi password? I need to post this on Instagram.” Here’s another phrase that should come to mind: “Future leaders.” During this presentation, we will discuss the changing face of management under Millennials and challenges encountered by Millennials as managers. We will also address the unique challenges public employers face in attracting, retaining, and growing new talent, including: (1) The current wave of retirements; (2) Employers’ desire for experienced candidates; and (3) Compensation and the steadily increasing cost of living. Finally, we will explore strategies for effectively transitioning Millennials into management roles in the multi-generational workplace.

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