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1/1/20242024 CSDM Study Group WORK010124
1/16/2024Webinar: Prevailing Wage Update 2024 WEBI01162B
1/17/2024Virtual Workshop: Records Management WORK011724
1/23/2024Webinar: Keeping Up with the Brown Act WEBI012324
1/24/2024Virtual Workshop: Board Member Best Practices WORK012424
1/30/2024Webinar: 2024 Annual Employment Law Update WEBI013024
1/31/2024Virtual Workshop: ChatGPT Mastering the Basics and Beyond WORK013124
2/4/20242024 Special District Leadership Academy San Luis ObispoSan Luis Obispo24SDLACON1
2/8/2024Webinar: Ethics AB 1234 Compliance Training WEBI020824
2/13/2024Webinar: How to Navigate the Meet and Confer Process WEBI021324
2/15/2024Webinar: Form 700 Filers – A Guide to SEI Disclosure WEBI021524
2/16/2024Quarterly Leadership Book Club: "It's the Manager" WORK021624
2/20/2024Webinar: Sexual Harassment Prevention for Supervisors WEBI022024
2/21/2024Virtual Workshop: SDLA Module 1 - Gov Foundations WORK022124
2/27/2024Webinar: Sexual Harassment Prevention for Non-Supervisors WEBI022724
2/28/2024Virtual Workshop: Budget Preparations for Special Districts WORK022824
3/5/2024Webinar: California Public Records Act 2024 WEBI030524
3/12/2024Webinar: Creating a Successful Communications Strategy WEBI031224
3/13/2024Virtual Workshop: Policy and Procedure Writing WORK031324
3/19/2024Webinar: The Roles & Responsibilities of Public Employees WEBI031923
3/21/2024SDRMA Sierra Workshop: Go Beyond Managing Safety Manage RiskEl Dorado HillsWORK032124
3/26/20242024 SDRMA Spring Education DaySacramentoSDRM032624
3/26/2024Workshop: SDLA Governance FoundationsSacramentoWORK32624
4/2/2024Webinar: Big Changes in CVRA & Redistricting Rules WEBI040224
4/3/2024Virtual Workshop: SDLA Module 2: Charting the Course WORK040324
4/11/2024SDRMA Central Workshop:Go Beyond Managing Safety Manage RiskClovisWORK041124
4/14/20242024 Special District Leadership Academy San DiegoSan Diego24SDLACON2
4/16/2024Virtual Workshop: Prevailing Wage: Basics and Beyond WORK041624
4/23/2024Webinar: A Legislative, Legal & Local Response to PFAS 2024 WEBI042324
4/24/2024Workshop: Financial Management for Special DistrictsSacramentoWORK042424
4/25/2024SDRMA Bay Workshop: Go Beyond Managing Safety, Manage RiskMill ValleyWORK242524
4/25/2024Workshop: Human Resources Boot Camp for Special DistrictsSacramentoWORK042524
4/30/2024Webinar: The Do's & Don'ts of Payroll, Taxes, and CalPERS WEBI043024
5/1/2024Workshop: Supervisory Skills for the Public SectorSacramentoWORK050124
5/3/2024Quarterly Leadership Book Club: Conversations Worth Having" WORK050324
5/8/2024Virtual Workshop: Organizational Development WORK050824
5/14/2024Webinar: Fundamentals of Tax Exempt Financing WEBI051424
5/16/2024Webinar:"But It’s Our Standard Contract:" Sign This Not That WEBI051624
5/21/20242024 Special Districts Legislative DaysSacramento24SDLD
6/4/2024Webinar: Running for Office - How to Get Started WEBI06042B
6/5/2024Virtual Workshop: Overview of Special District Laws WORK060524
6/11/2024Webinar: Using “The Cloud” to Increase Efficiency WEBI061124
6/23/20242024 General Manager Leadership SummitAnaheim24GMSM
6/23/2024Workshop: So, You Want to Be a General Manager?AnaheimWORK062324
7/24/2024SDRMA South Workshop: Go Beyond Managing Safety, Manage RiskCosta MesaWORK072424
8/15/2024SDRMA North Workshop: Go Beyond Managing Safety, Manage RiskEurekaWORK081524
9/9/20242024 Annual Conference & Exhibitor ShowcaseIndian Wells24ANNCONF
9/9/2024Workshop: SDLA Governance FoundationsIndian WellsWORK290924
9/9/2024Workshop: So, You Want to Be a General Manager?Indian WellsWORK090924
9/18/2024Virtual Workshop: Supervisory Skills for the Public Sector WORK091824