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CSDA webinars are offered at no charge to all members in part through the generous support of the Special District Risk Management Authority.

Disclaimer: The information presented in these webinars is considered accurate at the time of the recording but issues and laws are continually evolving and you should seek out the most current information available and consult your own district legal counsel as needed.

Closed captioning is available for on-demand webinars. Please note that these captions are automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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2023 Annual Employment Law UpdateOn-Demand Webinar
Presenter: Jack Hughes, Liebert Cassidy Whitmore

This webinar discusses the most critical court decisions and laws impacting special district employers in the past year. Join us as we analyze the newest statutes and court opinions and how these new developments impact your agency. We will also provide practical tips for steps your agency can take to ensure compliance with new legal requirements.

Duration: Approximately 2 hours

Eligible for SDRMA Credit Incentive Points
2023 Emergency Preparedness SummitOn-Demand Webinar
Join renowned industry experts and USC Price faculty to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and real-life experience. The key topics covered during the summit include the following: Wildfire Prevention and Recovery, Drought, Cybersecurity, and Active Shooter Prevention and Response. Keynote presentation by Senator Angelique V. Ashby, Joint Legislative Committee on Emergency Management. Turkey-Syria Earthquake Insights presented by Assemblymember Freddie Rodriguez.

Duration: 4 hours

Eligible for SDRMA Credit Incentive Points
2023 Ethics AB 1234 Compliance TrainingOn-Demand Webinar
Presenters: Gary Bell and Alexandra Jack, Colantuono, HIghsmith & Whatley PC

State law requires two hours of ethics training every two years and within one year of taking office. The training is also required for certain employees. This webinar or presentation will fulfill this requirement with up-to-date examples, recent developments in the law, and current guidance from the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC).

Duration: 2 hours
2023 Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for SupervisorsOn-Demand Webinar
Presenters: Cassandra Lo, Richards Watson Gershon

This two-hour presentation will comply with the requirements of AB 1825 and AB 1661 and will cover: what constitutes sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace, how to recognize and avoid harassment, what procedures to follow if you witness harassment or are harassed yourself, the potential consequences - including personal liability - of harassment, what constitutes abusive conduct in the workplace in compliance with AB 2053, and orientation, gender identity and gender expression in compliance with SB 396.

Duration: 2 hours
A Legislative, Legal and Local Response to PFAS 2021On-Demand Webinar
Christine Carson, Aleshire & Wynder. LLP
Annalisa Kihara and Jeff O'Keefe, State Water Resources Control Board
Patrick Versluis, Orange County Water District
Matt Stone, Santa Carita Valley Water Agency

This session will provide an overview of the regulatory scheme created by AB 756, an overview of pending state and federal level responses to PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) as well as an update of cases pending in the courts related to PFAS.

Duration: Approximately 2 hours
A Practical Guide for Creating New Board Member OrientationOn-Demand Webinar
Presenter: Brent Ives, BHI Management

New Board members need a good start. An orientation that is comprehensive, factual, and strategic is crucial as they begin their service and provides them with vital information they need. This course is intended for the District administrators to prepare a proper Orientation process and provides many ideas and methods to bring new Board members up to speed as quickly as possible.

Duration: Approximately 45 minutes
ACA 13 Membership OverviewOn-Demand Webinar

Join CSDA’s Advocacy and Public Affairs Director Kyle Packham and Legislative Representative Marcus Detwiler for a 24-minute overview of ACA 13 (Ward), what it really does and why it will protect the ability of voters and special districts to provide essential services and infrastructure to their communities. This presentation also addresses FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and provide guidance as to how special districts can offer support.

Duration: 24 minutes
Accessing American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) FundsOn-Demand Webinar
Accessing ARPA Funds • How Special Districts Can Request Transfer of Federal COVID Relief (Round Two)

Presenters: Cole Karr and Charlotte Holifield, CSDA

Under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), California counties are slated to receive $7.67 billion in total direct allocations from the federal government for COVID-19 relief funding. Each county has received the first half of its funds, with the remaining payment coming in May 2022.
While special districts did not receive the same access to funding as other units of local government, ARPA granted counties and cities with specific authority to transfer a portion of their ARPA funds to special districts.
Many counties are beginning to engage in the decision-making process for their forthcoming second round of ARP funding. Now is the time for special districts to prepare for and request funding for any eligible unmet pandemic-related and eligible infrastructure needs, as this may be special districts’ final opportunity to request ARPA funds through a county transfer.
During this webinar, CSDA staff provide a detailed overview of eligible projects and programs available through ARPA funding, plus tips for putting together a compelling funding request to your county.

Duration: 1 hour
Addressing Cybersecurity RisksOn-Demand Webinar
Addressing Cybersecurity Risks: Best Practices to Keep Your Special District Secure

Presenters: Leeann Habte and Glen Lazof, Best Best & Krieger LLP; Debbie Yokota and Ellen Doughty, Special district Risk Management Authority

No organization is safe from digital privacy and security risks. In this presentation, Best Best & Krieger LLP Privacy & Cybersecurity attorneys Leeann Habte and Glen Price discuss ways special districts can keep their information and personnel safe. They also address current cybersecurity risks, like phishing, device loss or theft and prevention strategies, and organizational risk and insurance and business continuity strategies. In addition, they advise on security incident response plans: what to include and why, and the importance of having the plan in place before an incident incurs.

Approximately 2 hours

Eligible for SDRMA Credit Incentive Points
Avoiding Common Mishaps-The Reasonable Accommodation ProcessOn-Demand Webinar
Presenters: Eric Riss and Nate Kowalski - Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo

The interactive and reasonable accommodation process is rife with potential legal landmines, and employers can incur significant liability when they fail to recognize or avoid them. This session will address common mistakes made by employers when managing workplace accommodations and provide practical perspectives and strategies to reduce legal risk.

Duration: 1 hour

Eligible for SDRMA Credit Incentive Points
AWIA Risk Assessment and Emergency Response PlanOn-Demand Webinar
Presenter: Charlene Kormondy, EPA

During this presentation, USEPA’s Water Security Division will discuss the American Water Infrastructure Act (AWIA) which requires each community water system serving a population of greater than 3,300 persons to assess the risks to, and resilience of, its system. The participants will be informed of the tools and resources to assist utilities with developing their Risk and Resilience Assessment and Emergency Response Plan, including the Vulnerability Self- Assessment Tool (VSAT), the Baseline Information on Malevolent Acts for Community Water Systems document, the Small Systems Risk and Resilience Assessment Checklist, and the Emergency Response Plan Template and Instructions. Information will also be provided on how to certify completion of Risk and Resilience Assessments and Emergency Response Plans by the applicable deadlines.

Duration: 45 minutes
Board Member and District Liability Issues 2022On-Demand Webinar
Presenter: Debbie Yokota, Special District Risk Management Authority

Having a complete understanding of the potential liability issues in your district can prevent problems in the future and even assist with efficiency and communication protocols. This webinar is a discussion of the legal role of the Board in the management and operation of a public agency and the role of individual Board members acting within the course and scope of their official duties.

Duration: 45 minutes

Eligible for SDRMA Credit Incentive Points
Board Member/Trustee On-Demand Webinars BundleOn-Demand webinars recommended for Board Members/Trustees:
  • The Brown Act: Come for the Basics, Stay for the Updates
  • Completing Your Form 700
  • General Manager Evaluations
  • Good Governance
  • Who Does What? Best Practices in Board/Staff Relations
  • Board Member and District Liability Issues 2022
  • How and Why Involvement iin LAFCO Matters for Special Districts
  • How to Build a Better Multi-Year Strategic Plan
  • Effective Meeting Management Through Parliamentary Procedure
  • The Critical Nature of Communications in the Public Agency
    Board Secretaries/Clerks Inspiration KnowledgeOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenter: Sandy Geroux, Motivational Leadership Speaker

    The Board Secretaries / Clerks serving California's public agencies have long been accustomed to juggling multiple priorities and overcoming unfamiliar challenges. However, the new reality of social distancing and uncertain health threats, combined with trying to serve the public virtually, has created the need for a whole new way of working. Join Sandy Geroux, M.S. as she provides a rare opportunity for us to receive inspiration, knowledge-sharing from around the globe on how administrative professionals are helping their leaders and their organizations through this difficult time, as well as group sharing of best practices and examples of how we have been able to turn a bad situation into a WOW experience!

    Duration: 1 hour
    Board Secretary/Clerk BundleOn-Demand Webinars recommended for Board Secretary/Clerks:
  • A Practical Guide for Creating New Board Member Orientation
  • The Brown Act: Come for the Basics, Stay for the Updates
  • Customer Service Excellence in the Public Sector
  • How to Handle an Unexpected Surge in PRA Requests
  • Learn ADA Compliance and Transparency Without Falling Asleep
  • Records Retention and Management in the Electronic Age
  • Effective Meeting Management Through Parliamentary Procedure
  • CA Voting Rights Act Challenges to At-Large Board Elections
  • Public Records Act Requests 2023
    Building Relationships with Your Lawmaker's District OfficeOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenters: CSDA, Congressman Salud Carbajal's office, Senator John Laird's office, Assemblyman Tom Lackey's office

    Every State Legislator and Representative of the U.S. Congress has at least one district office with a district director and field staff who focus on connecting with and serving the lawmakers’ constituents. This office is your first point of contact, or gateway, to your State and Federal representatives. Our panel of actual lawmakers’ field staff will explain how special districts can best engage, build relationships, and partner with Legislators through the district office.

    Duration: 1 hour
    CA Voting Rights Act Challenges to At-Large Board ElectionsOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenters: Douglas Johnson, National Demographers Corporation; Derek Cole, Cole Huber LLP

    Every year brings more California Voting Rights Act (CVRA) challenges to at-large (a.k.a. "district-wide") elections for Special District Board Members. This presentation will discuss the requirements of and recent developments concerning (CVRA). The presentation will explain legal requirements and recent court decisions, the risks and costs of attempting to fight a CVRA challenge, and it will also provide a practical discussion of how to oversee the conversion to district elections from start to finish. The presenters are a lawyer and demographer who have substantial experience assisting local agencies in transitioning away from at-large elections. A special emphasis of the presentation will be on describing how special districts can be implemented for the 2024 election cycle.

    Duration: 2 hours
    CalPERS UpdateOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenter: Julio Morales, Urban Futures, Inc.

    CalPERS reported a 21% return for FY21 and also lowered the Discount Rate in accord to the Funding Risk Mitigation Strategy. We will provide an update of the results of CalPERS' Asset Liability Management Committee meeting in November 2021 and how their decisions will impact your upcoming pension payments. We will provide an illustration of the impact of these new bases in a simple to understand format.

    Duration: 1 hour
    Completing Your Form 700On-Demand Webinar
    Presenter: Diana Varat, Richards Watson Gershon

    This session will help public officials understand their obligations to disclose financial interests under the Political Reform Act. We will walk through the details of the FPPC’s Form 700 (Statement of Economic Interests), providing tips and tricks along the way. In addition, we will provide a brief overview of California’s conflict of interest rules to help public officials understand when they need to seek additional legal advice and abstain from participating in governmental decisions.

    Duration: Approximately 80 minutes
    Connecting to Enhance Performance ManagementOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenter: Fran Trant, Senior Associate, Koff & Associates powered by A.J. Gallagher Co.

    During this webinar we will discover how enhanced approaches for your organization’s accountability activities facilitate the shift away from the annual agony of the evaluation experience to engaging in continuous communication that supports an engaged, energized, and retained high performing employees for your organization. Let’s stop managing the performance of others and find ways to engage and retain.
    During the webinar we will explore how the importance of being an influencer is more important in today’s workplace than being the boss, and how the processes and tools successful influencers use with their teams will result in performance elevation through: (1) crafting mutually understood and agreed objectives communicated at the beginning of the performance cycle; (2) influencing through multi-channel communication processes to energize performance goal achievement; and (3) career development through continuous communication and coaching, results in a more engaged and retained workforce.

    Duration: 1 hour

    Eligible for SDRMA Credit Incentive Points
    Customer Service Excellence in the Public SectorOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenter: Gil Morales, CPS HR Consulting

    Unlike many businesses that provide customer service, public service providers are often the only game in town. This customer service training program is designed for public employees who routinely deliver services in the field. This class will explore the Three Dimensions of Service as they apply to your agency: the human dimension, the business dimension, and the hidden dimension.

    Duration: 2 hours
    Developing a Groundwater Sustainability PlanOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenters: Wes Miller, Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo; Les Chau, Wood, Inc.;Sachi Itagaki, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants

    The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) requires Groundwater Sustainability Plans (GSPs) to be submitted by Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs) during 2020 or 2022, depending on a particular groundwater basin’s prioritization as determined by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR). The race is on to develop GSPs by engaging public and private stakeholders; developing enough reliable data for the basin’s “water budget”; and ultimately submitting a sound GSP for evaluation by DWR. The interests of special districts around the state are implicated by serving as GSAs and/or as stakeholders with water supply interests to protect customers’ interests to have safe, reliable water supplies. Hear from our water resources experts about the latest news and how to better ensure SGMA compliance while reducing the risks of costly and extensive groundwater adjudications.

    Duration: Approximately 2 hours
    Diversity and Inclusion: Why It Matters for LeadersOn-Demand Webinar
    Jenine Jenkins, CPS HR Consulting
    Kelly Gonzalez and Traci Farris, Cosumnes Community Services District

    This course presents the foundational understanding and importance of diversity and inclusion for leaders. Leaders will explore unconscious bias and how it impacts their environment and work relationships with colleagues and staff. They will discover how their own values, culture and experiences affect interactions with colleagues, attitudes about work, and understanding of workplace values. Leaders will gain a deeper understanding of their role in promoting a diverse and inclusive work environment.

    Duration: Approximately 110 minutes

    Eligible for SDRMA Credit Incentive Points
    Do's and Don'ts of Initiative CampaignsOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenters: Richard D. Pio Roda and Amanda Cusick, Meyers Nave

    The Secretary of State of California publishes a Statewide Initiative Guide to provide an understanding of the procedures and requirements for preparing and circulating initiatives, filing sections of the petition and complying with procedures for verifying signatures. Join Richard D. Pio Roda, Principal in Meyers Nave’s Municipal and Special District Law Practice Group, as he reviews the Do’s and Don’ts of the entire initiative campaign process for Special District employees and elected officials including how to provide impartial and unbiased information to constituents regarding ballot measures.

    Duration: 1 hour
    Effective Management of People in a Hybrid WorkplaceOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenter: Sylvette Wake, CPS HR Consulting

    Effective people management benefits from a diverse toolbox of strategies, approaches, and tools. Managing a remote and hybrid team requires modifying some of your existing tools and adding a few new ones. This class draws on best practices of experienced managers of remote and blended teams and offers you practical ideas to enhance your bag of management strategies.

    Duration: 1 hour

    Eligible for SDRMA Credit Incentive Points
    Effective Meeting Management Through Parliamentary ProcedureOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenter: Lorenzo Cuesta, California Association of Parliamentarians

    A board’s objectives can be efficiently and productively accomplished if a board’s bylaws and the members’ rights are respected. Robert’s Rules of Order assures productive debate, efficient meetings, and protected rights.

    Duration: 2 hours
    Ethics AB 1234 Compliance Training SPANISHOn-Demand Webinar
    Seminarios web: Capacitación AB 1234: Capacitación en ética
    Presentadores: Gary Bell y Alexandra Jack, Colantuono, Highsmith & Whatley PC

    La ley estatal requiere dos horas de capacitación en ética cada dos años y dentro de un año de asumir el cargo. La capacitación también es necesaria para ciertos empleados. Este seminario web o presentación cumplirá con este requisito con ejemplos actualizados, desarrollos recientes en la ley y orientación actual de la Comisión de Prácticas Políticas Justas (FPPC).

    Duración: 2 Horas
    Final Cal/OSHA COVID-19 Safety StandardOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenter: Jonathan Vick, Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo

    On December 15, 2022, the Cal/OSHA Standards Board voted to adopt final regulations for the prevention of COVID-19 in the workplace. The Office of Administrative Law (“OAL”) has 30 working days to approve the new regulation. Once approved, the regulation will remain in effect for two years after the effective date. While many of the requirements of the Emergency Temporary Standards (“ETS”) will remain in effect, there are new provisions. Some key changes include: - Removing the exclusion pay provisions - Providing a new definition for “close contact” - Incorporating California Department of Public Health regulations - And more...

    Duration: 1 hour

    Eligible for SDRMA Credit Incentive Points
    Financing with FlexibilityOn-Demand Webinar
    Presented by CSDA Finance Corp Consultants, NBS and Altadena Library District

    Community Facilities Districts (CFDs) are a flexible financing mechanism that can be customized to fit a wide variety of capital improvement needs. From financing repairs for aging library facilities or new facilities for public safety and recreation to funding park maintenance and extending services to new development, CFDs can be crafted to meet your agency’s needs. Altadena Library District provides a case study including an assessment recently approved by 72% of voters.

    Duration: 1 hour
    Fraud Detection and Prevention for Special DistrictsOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenter: David Becker, James Marta & Company LLP

    Financial fraud is a reality for many special districts and districts need to develop not only good internal control procedures, but a culture that says “NO” to fraud and irregularities. This session will talk about how to assess risk in your organization and develop policies and procedures that will mitigate risk and help prevent fraud. We will also provide resources to help you get started in looking at your organization and assessing risk.

    Duration: 2 hours
    Gender Identity and Expression in the WorkplaceOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenter: Andrew Aller, Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo

    Today’s employees are more knowledgeable than ever with respect to both their rights and an employer’s obligations in the workplace. Employees do not hesitate to express themselves on an individual and collective basis. This session features a thoughtful discussion concerning employee expression, particularly regarding gender identity and orientation.

    Duration: 1 hour

    Eligible for SDRMA Credit Incentive Points
    General Manager EvaluationsOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenter: Brent Ives, BHI Management Consultants

    One of the key roles of an elected board is good performance management of the General Manager/Executive. Brent Ives (BHI Management Consulting) is the recognized leader in providing best practices for special districts in California and elsewhere.There are some specific approaches to this task that boards need to know. This class provides structure and rationale for conducting the process, even tips on how to get staff involved. This course covers them in a clear and concise way, helps avoid common mistakes while providing a complete step-by-step approach for accomplishing this critical responsibility of the board. This class is valuable for board members, board presidents and managers who know that much of the productivity of the District relies on this process. For those who need a professional, and balanced executive level systematic evaluation process that can be made into policy.

    Duration: 90 min.
    General Manager On-Demand Webinars BundleOn-Demand webinars recommended for General Managers:
  • The Brown Act: Come for the Basics, Stay for the Updates
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Why It Matters for Leaders
  • How and Why Involvement in LAFCO Matters for Special Districts
  • Maximizing Employee Potential through the Coaching Process
  • Understanding Board & District Liability Issues
  • Online ADA Compliance & Transparency Requirements
  • Prudently and Proactively Managing Pension Liabilities
  • Save the Drama: Managing Challenging Employee Situations
  • The Critical Nature of Communications in the Public Agency
  • How to Build a Better Mutli-Year Strategic Plan
    Good GovernanceOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenter: Brent Ives, BHI Management Consulting

    Every board wants to govern well. It's about serving the public well. This course offers the perspective of a seasoned decision maker and consultant that will make you consider best practices of good governance for special districts; what your role is and what it's not, where the lines get drawn, and where to be careful. Every board member should watch this concise primer on good governance. This course is meant to provide best practices for all board members both new and experienced.

    Duration: 1 hour
    Grant Funding 101 for Special DistrictsOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenters: Alex Gibbs, Townsend Public Affairs, Inc.

    This session explores how special district staff can best to position their organizations to receive local, state and federal grant funds, including how to find relevant grant opportunities, grant writing best practices and how to advocate during and post grant submittal.

    Duration: 1 hour
    Grant Funding 201 for Special DistrictsOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenters: Alex Gibbs, Townsend Public Affairs, Inc.

    This Halloween grant writing webinar builds on the previous Grant Writing 101 edition held in March (currently in our On-Demand Library as "Grant Funding 101 for Special Districts"). Grant Writing 201 provides additional context and information for special districts who already have some experience writing and administering grant funds. Participants will learn how to exorcise the grant writing ghosts of unsuccessful applications past and learn how best to position their district and projects for spooky amounts of success.

    Duration: 1 hour
    Grassroots Advocacy and Public OutreachOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenters: CSDA and Washington Media Group

    *Part of the SDLF Essential Leadership Skills Certificate Program

    Take Action: Legislative Relations 101
    Since the California State Legislature writes the laws that govern special districts, engaging with your legislators and other stakeholders in the Capitol is a necessary part of leading your district. Legislators always find time to listen to the voters they represent locally. Just as you serve your community, your legislators were also elected to serve. By providing information, cultivating relationships, and becoming a valuable resource, you can ensure your district’s perspective is understood at the state level.
    Take Action: Grassroots Advocacy 101
    It's been said that "when Legislators feel the heat, they see the light." Grassroots advocacy - mobilizing a legislator's constituents to speak out on a particular issue - can be one of the most effective tools for persuading your representatives. Hearing from the voters gives legislators the political cover - and the political motivation - they may need to support your position. By taking the time to identify, recruit, educate and mobilize a handful of voters in a legislative district, you can level up your persuasive power.
    Take Action: Media Relations 101
    The media can be an invaluable tool in reaching your audiences and broadening the reach of your messages, but success with the media doesn't come easy. Reporters face deadlines every day, if not every hour. They must produce multiple stories at once. They need to produce news that’s informative, interesting, and entertaining, because at the end of the day that's what sells. By knowing how reporters work, what kind of information they need, how to answer questions, and how to make your story rise above the noise, you can become a powerful voice on your issues, and a trusted source for future stories.

    Duration: 3 hours
    How and Why Involvment in LAFCO Matters for Special DistrictOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenters: Gary Bell and Matthew Summers, Colantuono, Highsmith & Whatley, PC

    This session will provide a practical, informative discussion of the key provisions of the Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Act, how LAFCOs work on the ground, and how and why special districts will benefit from being informed and active participants with LAFCO. Taught by two attorneys with significant LAFCO experience, including representing applicants before LAFCOs and advising LAFCOS as General Counsel, this session will provide participants with an understanding of the LAFCO process, why it is important, and will prepare board members and staff to be ready for their district to appear before a LAFCO — both as applicants and subjects of LAFCO proceedings, such as when a special district seeks to expand or activate a latent service power or when a rival district initiates a forced dissolution or consolidation, and as special district representatives on LAFCO Boards.

    Duration: 2 hours
    How to Build a Better Multi-Year Strategic PlanOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenter: Martin Rauch, Rauch Communication Consultants, Inc.

    Whatever the challenges facing your district, it is critical to build a realistic, step-by-step, and well-supported plan to get there. This session will provide concrete guidance on evaluating the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing your district and developing clear board direction for the future. This lively session will feature sharing of actual experiences (good and bad) by the participants and webinar leader. The session will provide numerous practical tips that you can bring home to your district. It will also demonstrate how staff can develop implementation plans and successfully engage the board, executive team, staff, and public in this process. You will also learn how to pin down clear direction in plain English, measure results, and more.

    Duration: 2 hours
    How to Develop a DEIB Roadmap for Your AgencyOn-Demand Webinar
    How to develop a DEIB/JEDI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging) Roadmap for Your Agency

    Presenter: Brandis Ruffin, Gallagher Insurance Company

    Focusing on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) is one of the most important strategic planning efforts that organizations are and will be taking on; an effort that requires a long-term commitment to change and a steady supply of resources, support, and the right infrastructure. Many organizations are struggling to determine where they are in the current culture and climate, and to what degree there is support for taking on such efforts. DEIB and JEDI strategic plans are much more than simplistic efforts to increase diversity-based recruiting and representation. The strategic effort should touch every aspect of the organization. But where do you start? How do you gain the support and momentum to sustain the work long term? In this session we’ll get you started with a roadmap to evaluate organizational readiness and help you determine next steps.

    Duration: 90 minutes
    How to Handle an Unexpected Surge in PRA RequestsOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenter: Christine Wood, Best Best & Krieger LLP

    Special Districts sometimes face an unexpected influx of public records requests. Sometimes these requests can be multiple requests from an opposing party in a contentious lawsuit or from citizens concerned about a hot issue, or the backlog that’s become common after a widespread crisis, like wildfires or a public health crisis. Whatever the reason, a surge in PRA requests can be overwhelming to an agency’s staff and budgets. In this webinar, participants will discover best practices for how to handle a surge when it comes.

    Duration: Approximately 80 minutes
    How Your Financing Gets Priced in the Capital MarketplaceOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenter: CSDA Finance Corporation Consultants

    Ever wondered about the cost of borrowing money? Different types of financings can mean different interest rates and different costs of issuance. In this webinar, CSDA Finance Corporation consultants explain how financings are priced and interest rates are set in the bond market and the bank placement market. Plenty of time is allowed for Q&A.

    Duration: 1 hour
    Increase Efficiency with Cloud TechnologyOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenters: Mac Clemmens, Maria Lara, and Chris Ryan with Streamline

    If you're still using local storage for your documents and the software you use to create them, COVID may have been a bit of a wake up call. Special districts can be ready for the next stay-at-home situation, and be more productive in general, by moving to cloud-based software and storage. This session willl go over some of the options as well as pros and cons, and check out some of the most popular programs for the day-to-day operation of an organization.

    Duration: 1 hour
    Independent Contractors, Dynamex, and AB5On-Demand Webinar
    Presenters: Eric Riss and Nate Kowalski - Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo

    Beginning January 1, 2020 dramatic changes took effect that dictated how employers classify workers - as employees or independent contractors. The ruling in Dynamex and AB5 affected nearly every industry sector throughout the California landscape. Join us to discuss the parameters of the ABC test, industry exemptions, and when the Borello factors come back into play when classifying your workforce. Learn best practices on how to meet these new requirements and avoid the pitfalls of misclassification.

    Duration: 1 hour
    Intro to Special District Finances for Board MembersOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenter: Cindy Byrerrum, Edie Bailly CPAs

    As a board member/trustee, your responsibilities include providing fiscal oversight of the special district’s finances. This course will help you fulfill these responsibilities by providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to gain a better understanding of the flow of a special district’s day-to-day transactions, accounting systems, and financial statements.

    Duration: 1 hour
    Is Your District "Recession Ready?"On-Demand Webinar
    Presenter: Che Johnson, LCW Legal

    This session will identify steps you can take to prepare, policies to review/update, and bargaining items that may require thoughtful strategy before another recession gets here. Lessons learned from the Great Recession will be shared to help avoid pitfalls and provoke a thoughtful discussion in your district in advance of difficult financial times.

    Duration: Approximately 90 minutes
    Learn ADA Compliance and Transparency Without Falling AsleepOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenters: Mac Clemmens, Streamline; Derek Cole, Cole Huber LLP

    Special districts face a number of website posting requirements that can seem overwhelming. But don't despair: there is hope! This interactive session will have two parts: (1) on what it means to be ADA compliant online, and (2) all the individual pieces of content you are required to have from the Public Records Act, the Brown Act, State Controller Reports, Health Care District Websites, and Open Data. Content is presented with interactive quizzes and fun facts throughout. You'll leave this session armed with a special district content checklist, links to best-practice content templates provided by the Special District Leadership Foundation, and a way to test your website to get a sense of your current ADA compliance level.

    Duration: 1 hour 42 minutes

    Eligible for SDRMA Credit Incentive Points
    Maximizing Employee Potential Through CoachingOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenter: Andrew Aller, Atinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud, & Romo

    Effectively managing employees means much more than having a firm grasp of the disciplinary process. Indeed, effective supervisors can often avoid having to use discipline by correcting employee behavior through proper leadership, coaching, and evaluation techniques. Attend this presentation to learn about leadership styles and reflect on the techniques that you use. We will discuss strategies to maximize employee performance and how to use coaching and the evaluation process to maximize results.

    Duration: 2 hours

    Eligible for SDRMA Credit Incentive Points
    Navigating Prop 218 Rates and FeesOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenters: Lutfi Kharuf and Joanna Gin, Best Best & Krieger, LLP

    Update yourself on the always-shifting landscape for rates, charges, and fees that fund local services under Proposition 218. How will your district survive the new wave of lawsuits and protests sweeping California, as well as an ever-changing legislative landscape and impacts of COVID-19? Equip your district with the knowledge needed to succeed.

    Duration: Approximately 2 hours
    Navigating the Surplus Land ActOn-Demand Webinar
    Presenters: Austin Cho, Downey Brand LLC

    In an effort to increase opportunities for development of affordable housing and open spaces in California, Assembly Bill 1486 (Ting, 2019) ushered in a host of new procedural requirements local agencies must follow prior to selling or leasing real property under the Surplus Land Act. These new requirements include formal findings declaring the land as surplus, issuing notices of availability to interested housing sponsors and other public agencies with jurisdiction over the land, engaging in a mandatory good faith negotiations, and apprising the California Department of Housing and Community Development ("HCD") of all the steps taken along the way. The amendments to the Surplus Land Act also bestow upon HCD expanded enforcement powers and impose penalties for local agencies that fail to comply.

    Despite HCD's issuance of guidelines earlier in 2021, navigating the procedural and substantive requirements of the Surplus Land Act remains a challenge for many local agencies, including special districts. This webinar provides an overview of the requirements governing the disposition of agency-owned real property and identifies the key exceptions and considerations that may help avoid pitfalls and streamline the process.

    Duration: 1 hour